My name is Derk Marko Reckel and I grew up with classic cars.

My father contributed to the Borgward-Interessengemeinschaft and founded the BMW-V8-Club, which he still leads.

In consequence my first car having the license was a BMW 3200 CS Bertone Coupe, the last model of the V8 series, but de-powered with a Mercedes diesel engine with 65 hp.

My first self paid classic then was a BMW 700 LSL - the only BMW with tail fins - which had to go for a modern car better suited for long distances in the vacations.

Then a long period without any classic came by and after my father solt the mentioned Bertone, the last classic car in the family, and I had been freshly seperated I started looking for a summer car. I looked for just anything starting from a Goggomobil to... to the Lele.

Before finding the car in the internet I didn't know about the maker Iso Rivolta, so prior to the visit I asked aunt Google not to buy the wrong car. What I read nothing shocked me and I think the seller exactly knew what he did when he started the engine - the sound is marvellous. As the car didn't have a lot of visible rust, only minor denting in uncritical areas, only the bumpers and the front logo were missing and the electric window switches were non-original.

The brakes had to be completely overhauled, some work in the electrics, minor welding in the front and back, a new steel exhaust system, fix the leaking differential, fix the bit rotten driveshaft, but yes, the special garages also want to survive.

So this was the short history of my person and my entry into Iso-Rivolta.