General links

The Iso and Bizzarini Interest Circle in Switzerland

The Iso and Bizzarini Owners Club in the USA

The Isoclub Germany which seems no longer to be active

The Isorivoltaclub Germany

A really large page about Iso Rivolta 

A hungarian page on the history of Iso Rivolta


Links to Iso Rivolta Lele pages

Iso Rivolta Lele in the german Wikipedia

Iso Lele in the british Wikipedia - the content has less details and differing production figures.

Iso Lele in the italian Wikipedia - the content shows more details on the motors and the same production figures as the british.

A dutch page on the Iso Lele

The text of the 1974 press release for the New York Motor Show

Iso Lele presentation on the pages of the IBICS - again differing figures on the production.

As short description of the Iso Rivolta Lele with specifications and pictures of a beautiful Lele in a US concours

A short history of the Iso Lele

An erratic specification of the 1969 Iso Lele

A description of the Iso Rivolta Lele 300

Specifications of the Iso Lele 350

Specifications of the Iso Lele Automatic

The history of the 1972 Lele #125

Australian article featuring the Iso Lele Sport

A czech article on the Iso Lele Sport

A spanish story on the Iso Lele, m ost probable translated from german language

A presentation of the Lele in spanish

A two part story featuring the Iso Lele Marlboro # 184 - partl 1 - part 2

A Lele on a czechoslovakian page


Other models

A page showing the Iso Rivolta Varedo, which unfortunately never left the Prototype stage